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Coverage and Benefits:

Area of coverage:
Area 1: Schengen Countries, Middle East & Gulf Countries with limit USD 75,000 Subject to a deductible of USD 75 for each and every claim.


Area 2: Worldwide: with limit USD 150,000 Subject to a deductible of USD 75  for each and every claim.

- Medical Referal..

- Coverage of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses incurred by the beneficiary in sudden and urgent cases as a result of an illness and /or an accident within the limits mentioned above.

- Transfer of the Beneficiary to the nearest hospital in case of bodily injury or illness.

- Repatriation of the beneficiary to Jordan after discharge from the local hospital in addition to related travel arrangements.

- Repatriation of any child under the age of 16 who was traveling with the beneficiary at the time of illness and /or accident.

- Dental Care:

    1- Maximum limit of USD 250 for area one.

    2- Maximum limit of USD 450 for area 2.

- Dispatch of medicine.

- Repatriation of the corpse upon death of beneficiary to Jordan only.

- Transmitting any urgent message related to the beneficiary assistance benefit to any one named person on his behalf and upon his request.

- Premature return due to the death of a close relative.

- Legal assistance (maximum limit USD 2,000).

- Advance of bail bond (maximum limit USD 10,000).

- Flight delay (maximum USD 250 for the first six hours of delay).

- Research of loss of luggage.

- Luggage delay (maximum limit USD 250).

- Loss of registered luggage (maximum limit USD 1,000to be paid by the airline company and the insurance company).

- 24 hour alarm center service no. 00489500704910.

- Excluding any case which has not approved by the emergency call center number 004985500704910.

- Maximum stay or any one trip 92 sequence days.

- Maximum stay in any one country shall not exceed 92 consecutive days.

Premiums in JD:

Area 2 World Wide
Area 1/ Schengen Countries 
Middle east & Gulf Countries
Duration Of Converge



Up to 7 days included



Up to 14 days included



Up to 21 days included



Up to 31 days included



Up to 62 days included



Up to 92 days included



Up to 180 days included



One year

Rates as per age category:


Rate multiplied by 1.5

75-65 Years


Years Rate multiplied by 2

Years 76- 85


Rate multiplied by 0.65

Children below 16 Years

20-50 persons rate will be multiplied by 0.9
51-100 persons rate will be multiplied by 0.85
More than 100 persons rate will be multiplied by 0.80

- In order to qualify as group travelers. it is essential for all members of the group to be traveling to the same location on the same date of departure and arrival. Tickets are to be issued from the same source under the same conditions

- All our products are acceptable by the Schengen Embassies

- Subject always to Arab Orient Insurance Company standard policy and endorsement.