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gig | Arab Orient Insurance signs an agreement with Jordan Air Ambulan...

gig | Arab Orient Insurance signed an agreement with Jordan Air Ambulance Center according which the company starts offering Air Ambulance Service as a  complementary program of the Health Insurance and Motor Insurance.


The agreement signed comes in parallel with the company’s strategy of keeping up with the latest in the insurance industry that best serve our clients. As a result, beneficiaries from this program will be offered this service wherever they are inside Jordan for nominal annual fees.

The new product allows clients to request the assistance of Jordan Air Ambulance Center in the unfortunate cases of serious car accidents or health emergencies that occur in areas where advanced medical care or highly efficient medical staff are not available. More than 45 airfields are available in different hospitals in Jordan as well as Civil Defense Stations so that injured people are transferred through Air Ambulance to one of the hospitals that are equipped with an airfield.

The agreement was signed at the headquarter of gig | Arab Orient Insurance by our CEO Mr. Mustafa Melhem, with the presence of Mr. Yazan Khasawneh - Senior Director, and from Jordan Air Ambulance Center, Eng. Rami Adwan, Chief Executive Officer  with the presence of Mr. Sirop Avakian, Marketing Director.

Mr. Mustafa Melhem highlighted the importance of this agreement to provide citizens a comprehensive range of insurance products with the highest standards