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Introducing the first Insurance Café in the world........


     gig | Arab Orient Insurance.. This is how it all started

gig | Arab Orient Insurance is proud to introduce its latest branch and first-of-its-kind in the world - gig | Arab Orient Insurance Café - nestled in the heart of one of the premium areas in Amman/The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan-The Boulevard Al Abdali. Back to the year 1688, it all started; when a small coffee house was opened in one of the old streets of London and became a favorite haunt of ship’s captains, merchants and ship owners, and that’s how insurance was invented.

The Insurance Café is an original concept locally and internationally where doors do not only open to a new branch, but also to a unique experience where unmissable luxury and excellence reserved a place. Remaining true to the rich history of the 17th Century, the Café walls radiate vibes of treasures from the past; from the year 1688 up until today.

gig | Arab Orient Insurance Café welcomes visitors with exceptional atmosphere and comfortable seating offering its insurance products and solutions through five world-class digital wall and table screens, connected to the internet for clients to easily choose and buy the insurance products that best meet their needs and requirements, allowing them to make the payments online. Expert employees are always available to help whenever needed.

gig | Arab Orient Insurance never loses sight of the daily needs of its clients, for that reason, the company was keen on offering free-of-charge facilities, such as Wi-Fi access to surf all websites that update them with the latest news and weather forecast. It is with generous hospitality that the journey inside is complete; fresh juices, hot rich coffee and much more are offered free of charge. Besides, a books library shines in one corner of the place for those who are interested in the insurance industry; its laws, legislations, types and other related subjects.

It is worth noting that gig | Arab Orient Insurance Café consists of two floors; in addition to the lounge where visitors are invited to embark on this journey in the first floor, there is an upper floor for the company’s consultants who are ready to help clients at any time, while the modern outdoor space connects them with the sophistication of The Boulevard Al Abdali area.