Arab Orient Insurance Company

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Aman Lady

Hospitalization Class First Class
Maximum annual limit/person JD 30,000
Inpatient Coverage (through Arab Orient Insurance Company’s network)
Room & Board Full Coverage
ICU, CCU Full Coverage
Surgeon’s & Anesthesia Fees Full Coverage
Ambulance once/annum Full Coverage
Companion coverage Full Coverage
Doctor fees & Consultation Full Coverage
MRI, CT scan and other Diagnostic Tests Full Coverage
Outpatient Coverage
Doctor's fees Full Coverage
Laboratory Tests & Diagnostic procedures Full Coverage
X Rays and Radiology Full Coverage
Medicines Full Coverage
Outpatient Clinic - Emergency Full Coverage
  • Geographical Coverage
  • Within the territorial limits of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and coverage will extend to include Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Boston – United States of America if treatment is not available in Jordan, inclunding economy class tickets and hotel accommodation for two nights for the patient and the companion within the annual limits.
  • Benefits
  • In addition to the benefits within the table above, Arab Orient Insurance Company will provide the following extra benefits within the annual limit:


  • Direct access to all of Arab Orient Insurance Company’s network hospitals
  • Telemedicine & second medical opinion through Al Khalidi Hospital & Medical Center in affiliation with Lahey Hospital – Boston, USA
  • Post-operative plastic and reconstructive surgery and procedures.
  • Full coverage of home nursing visits.
Annual Premium Including All Fees
Age Band Premium / Member
From18-79 years JD36 ( Annually )